Monday, December 11, 2006

VoIP Grew to 8.2 million Subscribers

Total subscribers to Internet-based telephone (Voice over-IP) services in U.S. grew 18% to 8.2 million in Q3 2006, more than doubling the figure in a year since 3Q 2005, according to market research firm TeleGeography.

TeleGeography predicted the market would grow by roughly 1.5 million subscribers in the fourth quarter to end the year with 9.7 million, or about 8.7% of the nation's households.

VoIP revenues are expected to reach $2.6 billion for the year, an increase of 250% from about $1 billion in 2005.

Top VoIP Providers, by subscribers, at the end of 3Q 2006:

  1. Vonage Holdings (1.95 million)
  2. Time Warner's cable TV business (1.64 million)
  3. Comcast (1.35 million)
  4. Cablevision (1.10 million)

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