Friday, September 29, 2006

User-Generated Content Video revenues to exceed $850 million by 2010

User-Generated Content (UGC), such as that found on YouTube and MySpace, will continue to grow significantly in popularity and generate increasing revenue over the next several years. By 2010, the volume of downloads/views on these sites will surpass 65 billion, and revenues tied to UGC video are expected to exceed $850 million by 2010, reports In-Stat. Revenues are those directly linked to videos in the form of banner/skyscrapers, embedded video, Google Adsense, and/or branded pages/channels.

Other Highlights:
  • The size of downloads/views are estimated to eclipse 1.1 exabytes of data by 2010, with uploads growing to more than 9.1 petabytes.
  • 23% of the dozens of UCG sites studied currently support mobile access, with others making announcements for this support in the near future.
    YouTube holds the highest market share for video, but MySpace has the most visitors.

In related research In-Stat found that although Online Content Aggregators are in the early experimentation stages of rolling out video services, they will have some dramatic revenue-generating opportunities in the next five years. The worldwide market for online content services is expected to expand by a factor of 10, growing from about 13 million households during 2005 to more than 131 million households by 2010.

Damaka Launches DialOut™ Service for PC-to-Phone Calling – Price of Phone Calls Continues to Drop

A 13-year-old in Texas can clearly hear and see her grandmother in India without the high phone bills

RICHARDSON, Texas- (PR: Business Wire) – Cheap phone calls is now available to users worldwide using damaka’s DialOut™ service. After downloading damaka for free, a user can make a call from a personal computer to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the price charged by operators and phone card companies. Sample damaka per minute rates: US (1.9 ¢), India (9.8 ¢), China (1.8 ¢), UK (1.5 ¢), Singapore (1.4 ¢), Spain (1.7¢).

A cheap phone call, however, is just one of damaka’s product offerings. The standards-based solution comes with free video calling, free voicemail, Smart IM™, and soon-to-be-released, desktop sharing. These features, combined with the PC-to-Phone launch, makes damaka the most comprehensive, peer-to-peer, standards-based communication and collaboration software in the world. damaka also plans to launch DialIn™ feature shortly.

According to Chelsey Antony of Plano, Texas, “It took us about 30 seconds to download damaka from the Internet. After that, I could call my Grandma’s mobile phone in India and she sounded as if she was right next door. I could hear her excitement when I told her I got an A in math.”

According to Chandan Chopra, Director of IT at damaka. “Adding PC-to-Phone capabilities to our SIP-based, Peer-to-Peer platform adds a significant dimension to our existing suite of product offerings and underscores our commitment to increase user experience and deliver the next generation collaboration & communication software. “

damaka also offers an upgraded version of its software to corporations needing a one-stop-shop for unified communication and collaboration. A company can save the hassle of using one vendor for phone calls, another for video conferencing, and an unsecured third-party for IM. In less than 30 days, damaka can build, customize, and launch a private peer-to-peer network for companies ranging from a small start-up to a global conglomerate.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

damaka Launches World's First Standards Based Desktop Multi-Party Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing

Desktop Video Conferencing for up to Four People at Once Brings Jetson-Like Environment to Home and Office

RICHARDSON, Texas --(PR: Business Wire)-- Before you call your loved ones, check out damaka's peer-to-peer video conferencing. Whether you are a businessman traveling in Japan or a mother wanting to talk to her son in Mexico, a simple download of damaka, paired with a webcam, will allow you to see your family and friends from the comfort of your desktop. With its breakthrough Personal Softswitch(TM), damaka launches affordable, multi-party video conferencing in pure software format, bringing Jetson-like voice and video communication to the office and home.

According to Siva Ravikumar, CEO, "What makes damaka unique is that it uses SIP-based P2P technology with no server in the middle. This means that data packets are transmitted directly from one user to another. Today's video conferencing technology uses the client/server platform, which requires expensive servers or the use of a third party provider. damaka is the only direct P2P video conferencing solution available in the world today which allows for affordable, scalable, end-to-end-encrypted video conferencing for up to four people."

damaka's vision is to use best-in-class video (H.263/H.264), combined with P2P telephony, instant messaging, email, SMS, and gaming, to create a one-stop-shop for all communication and collaboration needs. The unified communication solution gives higher flexibility not only for a CEO to have a private conversation from his/her office to counterparts worldwide, but also for families in different parts of the world to have affordable face-to-face chats from the comfort of their homes.

damaka licenses its software to operators who are interested in new revenue streams with minimal infrastructure investment and to enterprises interested in a secure collaboration platform. damaka also plans to work with online communities and dating sites interested in a low-cost, scalable, feature-rich platform to empower its members to communicate directly and privately with one another.

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