Friday, October 20, 2006

damaka launches IPTV with its SIP Based P2P VoIP Application

Users can watch Internet TV while communicating using voice, video and IM

RICHARDSON, Texas- (Business Wire) damaka™, a fast-growing communication and collaboration software company, launches IP Television. This service enables damaka users from anywhere in the world to watch TV via the Internet. BBC, ESPN, CNN, and NASA are among the channels available for damaka users. IPTV is a new addition to the software’s existing features list, which includes instant messaging, DialOut™, video conferencing, desktop sharing, file transfer, and Internet radio. damaka also plans to roll-out video-on-demand (TV channels and media content), subscription services, customization of video services, and video-based target advertisement.

According to Andrew Lippman, Head of the MIT Media Lab’s Viral Communications program, “Personal, global television has been a dream since the advent of the PC; damaka has just made it a reality. With high quality, multi-channel IPTV at your fingertips, both consumers and the new media creative community have an easy-to-use new delivery option. Now a kid in Sumatra can watch American, Chinese, and British television without having to even buy a television.”

With the integration of IPTV to its existing product suite, damaka now allows carriers, service providers, and media companies to cost-effectively deliver Internet Television and multimedia services to consumers. damaka’s approach to integrating IPTV functionality into its SIP based, peer-to-peer Personal Softswitch™ aligns with the requirements that many carriers have for out-of-the-box triple play solution to increase revenue and enhance customer retention.

damaka’s latest release with IPTV is available for free download from the company website. After logging into damaka and selecting a television channel, the user can watch online news, entertainment, sports and music. While running IPTV, a user can still make phone calls and send instant messages via the damaka software.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

damaka brings hispanic community closer together with Peer-to-Peer Voice and Video Communication

Affordable, private, end-to-end-encrypted, and scalable voice, video, and instant messaging solution launched for Spanish-speaking community

RICHARDSON, Texas – “Hola” is no longer just a word sent over a traditional telephone line. With damaka, “Hola” can accompany a smile transmitted over a private video channel, a red heart icon sent over instant messaging, and a sensuous voice traveling through the internet cloud. damaka has been working with Fonet Global which has a strong presence in Mexico to launch d00d, the world’s first SIP based secure, encrypted, peer-to-peer voice, video and data communication solution wrapped into a small software targeted for the Hispanic community (

“The Spanish community is family-oriented,” said Hector Terrazas, CEO of Fonet Global, “Face-to-face meetings are important. damaka’s technology brings that togetherness to the desktop. The video feature will be an attraction, giving the community the chance to communicate and see their loved ones real time using the most secure technology out there.”

Fonet plans to take the scalable, damaka-powered solution to different revenue generating avenues including enterprise communication, family conferences, online learning, online dating, and 1-900 premium service.

According to Siva Ravikumar, Founder and CEO of damaka, “Because damaka’s SIP-based pure software technology has low infrastructure requirement, the start-up cost and time to market for a telecom operator is minimal. For a competitively priced licensing fee, a telecom operator can launch its own private-labeled unified communication and collaboration solution in less than 30 days.”

Hector further noted that Fonet Global was able to adapt to the new technology much faster because of the flexible nature of their operation. “We can cut through the bureaucracy and launch this product while the market is hot,” he said. “We want to move fast so that we can leapfrog our competition in providing the most secure and high quality communication and collaborative application to our customers.”

damaka recently developed and released the best-in-class peer-to-peer multi-party video (H.263/H.264) as the cornerstone of its video offering.

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