Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Roy Williams: Safety, Dallas Cowboys

I felt like writing about the player I always liked, but now, I have started to admire: ROY WILLIAMS, Safety, Dallas Cowboys (#31):

"Safety" (On-the-Field) -- Oh Hell No!
On the field the opposing players are never safe when Roy is there.... Nicknamed "Superman" & "Hammer", he is known throughout the NFL as a very intimidating presence in the Cowboys defensive secondary and can be a game changer with his bone-jarring hits. Williams injured multiple opponents with his "horse-collar" tackle before it was banned by the NFL. Due to this rule, critics of Williams are quick to point out that he is a dirty player. He may be a dirty player on the field, but off the filed, there is nothing dirty about this person.

"Safety" (Off-the-Field) -- Oh Thank God!
He is truly one jem of a person. Kids, single moms, and other people in need always feel safe when Roy is around, because they know he can be trusted to lend a helping hand. I was so touched to see his efforts off-the-field. There are so many NFL players that make millions of dollars but how many of them have the heart of giving something back to the community? Only handful...

After signing his first pro contract, Williams made a $100,000 contribution towards a new strength training facility at the University of Oklahoma, as a part of the school's new indoor workout complex. The new area, which carries Williams' name, complements the main Robin Siegfried Complex at the Switzer Center. As a member of the Cowboys 2002 Rookie Club - a program designed to introduce rookie team member to community service in the Dallas area - Williams participated in monthly charity visits to non-profit organizations serving children. He also participated as a guest speaker at the club's annual United Way Hometown Huddle event for 100 children involved with The Salvation Army. During the 2003 off-season, Williams served as a celebrity escort at the annual Children's Cancer Fund Fashion Show and Luncheon co-chaired by Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach.

In July of 2004, the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation was formed with the goal of “enhancing the quality of life of low-income single mother households in the Dallas area.” According to statistics, Dallas has the largest percentage of single mother households in the state of Texas, ranking at 29%. Roy has eagerly pulled the weight of families in this difficult situation onto his shoulders.

Roy embraces his responsibility as a role model very naturally. Undoubtedly, his career will continue to prove top notch as he transforms from NFL rising star to Super Star.

Roy also loves to play the guitar, saxophone, and piano.

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