Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top 10 and 5 Fastest Growing Online Activities

New Internet activities such as blogs, video, and phone calls are the fastest-growing in terms of usage, while email, news/info, and online shopping continue to dominate Internet users' activities on the web, according to a report released by Mediamark Research, writes ClickZ.

Top online activities include e-mail (70.5 percent), reading news and current events (40.2 percent), and e-commerce purchases (34.2 percent).

Voice over IP calling is the fastest growing activity online, with year-to-year increase of 197.7 percent. Visits to blogs increased 163.9 percent from a year ago while use of online video sites rose 123.7 percent over 2005.

The data are a portion of an extensive survey conducted by Mediamark Research in September and October. In-person interviews were conducted in the homes of about 26,000 respondents. The subset of data in this release is limited to respondents with Internet access, about 80 percent of the survey pool.

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