Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mind Your 'Mind'

I made another blog-friend this evening - Surjit! He writes a wonderful blog - "gurushabad". The following is from his blog. I wanted to post his post because I think its beautiful and I wanted my blog readers to read this wonderful piece too. Thanks Surjit.

Mind your 'Mind'

"The mind is amazing.It is a great mystery.Very few people have been able to understand its powers and potential.It stands between an individual and the Supreme Truth and is cause of bondage and liberation. If properly trained, the mind can help us attain enlightenment,but if misguided, it can leave us in the midst of confusion and bondage.

As we all know that the mind, like the wind, can move in any direction i.e. negative or positive ,creative or destructive, and has a power of creating and weaving world of illusions around us.So peace, strife, confusion, happiness etc are all reflection of the state of mind.

The mind,therefore, has to be exercised daily, just as the body, in order to discipline it.As we are aware, our mind is the source of thought energy and thoughts emerge ceaselessly and create worlds of its own. It becomes, therefore, important not only to control it but to divert its energies to positive and constructive direction.The mind has to be reminded continuously that world out side is unreal and ever changing. Human body is also perishable.Pursuit of this world will only bring sorrow and emptiness.Once it realises the fallacious belief about the ever changing world, it starts becoming aligned with the self within.Once this happens, positive and nobler feelings of love and compassion start emanating from the mind and this is the sign that our higher self, i.e. the soul, is now in control of our being."

Credits: Surjit gurushabad


Anonymous said...

Cool post. Thanks!

Chandan said...

I am glad you enjoyed the post. have a wonderful day!