Thursday, February 01, 2007

ConvinceMe - arguing oline

For all the compulsive argue-ers, now there is a website where they can go all out and argue all they want... without getting bitch-slapped or knocked-down. Honestly I can't believe that someone would think there is a business model around something like this. If it becomes popular, then yeah maybe some ads revenue. But would that be enough to sustain the company? I don't know if there is a huge demand for something like this, but it sure looks interesting...

ConvinceMe is a new competitive arguing site launching tonight. It will let debaters carry out public debates, head to head arguments, and a “King of the Hill” free for all about any subject they like. Other argument sites, like Hot Soup and LoveToLead, have focused on sobering issues, like political or philosophical debates and polls. Comment threads and forums have also been great places for people to argue. Just look at the comments for Do the Right Thing.

ConvinceMe lets members talk about anything and ranks them based on how many “convince” points they get from user voting for their argument. Private debates are issued as public challenges from one member to another and end when one site has gained the agreed number of votes for their side. For public debates, each side’s arguments are ordered by the number of votes the arguments have. “King of the Hill” is a twist on the challenge debate, with each member only able to submit one argument for their position. The first argument with 100 votes wins. The final type, public debates are ongoing, with the votes for one side or the other marking the overall opinion of the community on the subject.

ConvinceMe just launched and hopefully they will convince me...

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