Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Predictions for Superbowl 2006

Bears vs Saints : NFC Championship Game

Saints win this one... They deserve to. They have the best offense, coached by last year's Cowboys offensive coordinator - this year's coach of the year - Sean Payton - and are by far the most creative and exciting team to watch - and they play with so much emotion! (very much required to win playoff games)

Colts vs Patriots : AFC Championship Game

Colts better win this... they became my favorite team after Cowboys lost. I think this is going to be a thriller. This can turn out to be a more exciting game than the Superbowl 2006. Payton Manning deserves to play in the Superbowl (and win it).

Superbowl 2006: Colts vs. Saints


Go Colts...

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