Friday, September 29, 2006

Damaka Launches DialOut™ Service for PC-to-Phone Calling – Price of Phone Calls Continues to Drop

A 13-year-old in Texas can clearly hear and see her grandmother in India without the high phone bills

RICHARDSON, Texas- (PR: Business Wire) – Cheap phone calls is now available to users worldwide using damaka’s DialOut™ service. After downloading damaka for free, a user can make a call from a personal computer to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the price charged by operators and phone card companies. Sample damaka per minute rates: US (1.9 ¢), India (9.8 ¢), China (1.8 ¢), UK (1.5 ¢), Singapore (1.4 ¢), Spain (1.7¢).

A cheap phone call, however, is just one of damaka’s product offerings. The standards-based solution comes with free video calling, free voicemail, Smart IM™, and soon-to-be-released, desktop sharing. These features, combined with the PC-to-Phone launch, makes damaka the most comprehensive, peer-to-peer, standards-based communication and collaboration software in the world. damaka also plans to launch DialIn™ feature shortly.

According to Chelsey Antony of Plano, Texas, “It took us about 30 seconds to download damaka from the Internet. After that, I could call my Grandma’s mobile phone in India and she sounded as if she was right next door. I could hear her excitement when I told her I got an A in math.”

According to Chandan Chopra, Director of IT at damaka. “Adding PC-to-Phone capabilities to our SIP-based, Peer-to-Peer platform adds a significant dimension to our existing suite of product offerings and underscores our commitment to increase user experience and deliver the next generation collaboration & communication software. “

damaka also offers an upgraded version of its software to corporations needing a one-stop-shop for unified communication and collaboration. A company can save the hassle of using one vendor for phone calls, another for video conferencing, and an unsecured third-party for IM. In less than 30 days, damaka can build, customize, and launch a private peer-to-peer network for companies ranging from a small start-up to a global conglomerate.

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